Friday, July 13, 2012

Meet Edgy

After I took the exams earlier, I decided to go downtown and look for tops and other fashionable pieces. I kinda felt like buying something like a cardigan or whatever. Since I have a little budget, I decided to hit the Bargain Stores. There is this big Ukay-Ukay Shop (Shop which sells secondhand stuffs like clothes, & etc.; It is also like a flea market of sorts which sells secondhand products of high quality and mostly branded. Famous brands like H&M and  Tommy Hilfiger can be found there and are sold more than one-half of the real price. Maybe 80%-90% off? Im not sure.) located at Lopues Araneta, Bacolod City that sells a huge variety of affordable clothing pieces. Lowest price is 50 php and it is quite expensive for an ukay-ukay price because its usual lowest price is 10 or even 5 php. Okay, while I'm searching for clothing pieces which still look good and of course, fabulous, I have found this rockstar-looking top which I am wearing below.

Imagine,I have bought this top for 50 pesos only. When I was still on that Bargain Store earlier, I also saw a black transparent top which has a very edgy collar. I really wanted to buy it since it only costs 50 pesos too. But I have to choose between this rockstar-inspired top and that one. And you know which one I chose. I really felt bad until now that I cannot buy it. But!!! I am planning to go back there again tomorrow and buy it for real. I will coax my mother to buy it for me (haha).
(By: Keisee and Keisee)

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