Friday, July 13, 2012

Ever Bilena: Nude Matte Lipstick

Not a fan of glossy, shimmering lips? Matte lipstick is the perfect one for you and for me. I, myself, does not like ultra shiny lip products. I want my lips to look natural, dry but not ugly, accentuated and pampered. After weeks of finding the right and affordable matte lipstick in nude, I finally found and bought one from Ever Bilena for just 155php at Watsons. I was really happy after I bought it. Do you remember the excitement and pleasurable satisfaction after purchasing the thing you've been wanting to buy and have? That was exactly how I felt!

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick has even Vitamin E that gives your lips natural moisture. It has a long-wearing formula and the only matte lipstick which makes your lips stay supple & smooth. That, I have tested and proven. Usually when I wear a lipstick, I can't stand long hours with it on my lips because it feels so heavy and uncomfortably sticky. So at the end of the day [sometimes it doesn't even last on my lips after 3 hours or worst, an hour], I remove it. But with this Ever Bilena lip product, I slightly feel that I have a lipstick applied because it feels so light on my lips and it does not make me so uncomfortable. And also, it doesn't worry me every now & then if there's still left of it on my lips because I believe it is made to be wore for long hours. & that again, I have tested & proven. What I don't want on a lipstick is its very short life span on my lips. What I mean is it has still not reaches 2 hours of stay but it already starts to break out and sometimes making my lips look chapped and hideous. It does not serve my purpose of buying one. That's why I buy lipstick or other lip products because I want to enhance and accentuate even better the contour of my lips. Well, it's not just about the lip outline though. It's all about lips. Everything about lips.

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