Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brownie Treasures

Since earth tones become popular, I started to like brown and its shades, may it be dark or light. For me, it exudes elegance, class and sophistication which make up a woman a woman.


THEY ARE ALL BROWN AND I LOVE THEM REGARDLESS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE BRANDS. . Even my tissue's plastic container, sunglass, lipstick and hairband have the shades of brown. Light or dark, you name it. I just love brown so much. Oh, did I mention I also love,love, love chocolates? Well, chocolates are mostly brown in color. Mmmmm... Just another reason to love BROWN.

Photowalk at Bredco Port

Well, this post may be a bit late but as the famous adage says, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. :)


We took some shots showing how vain we are. Look at that photo wall... That is my fave part! It is such an amazing wall! Beautiful pictures are posted all over it.

Remembering the journey we had that day really puts a smile on my face. We were all tired and haven't served the purpose of our photo walk. Instead of taking shots of the things needed to be submitted for our Photography class, we satisfy our oozing vanity first (LOL)

Well, thanks for reading this post, lovely. Till the next one!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Black Lovely-collared Top

Lalaray, Lalaray, Lalalalalaladay... Guess whut? That lovely collared top I mentioned in my last post which I was so frustrated over because I wasn't able to buy it is... ALREADY MINE! All mine!!!

It may not look that special but the collar is so fabulous. You can't just hate it.


I'm planning to wear it on Wednesday (our school's civilian day). What do you think will look good with it? :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today's Hairstyle: In A Bun

Fishtail Braid By Keisee

While we were waiting for our Physical Education Class in the USLS Covered Court, Sherizze, my classmate, asked me to braid her hair Fishtail style. And the result is the above photo. What do you think? Did I do it just right? :)

P.S. Im planning to make a hairstyle tutorial about this.

Trendy Vintage Flowing Shorts

While I was ransacking my wardrobe earlier this morning, I found this old short of my aunt. She gave me this a long time ago. This style has been on the TRENDY SPOTLIGHT in 90s and is going back again to take its crown. Short Skirt-looking/Flowing Shorts, it is.

It is just so trendy. Isn't it? :)

AND HERE'S ANOTHER INTERESTING FACT→ This short is from Authentic Made In The Shade Garment made in U.S.A. It is really so vintage. Love it! :)

Ever Bilena: Nude Matte Lipstick

Not a fan of glossy, shimmering lips? Matte lipstick is the perfect one for you and for me. I, myself, does not like ultra shiny lip products. I want my lips to look natural, dry but not ugly, accentuated and pampered. After weeks of finding the right and affordable matte lipstick in nude, I finally found and bought one from Ever Bilena for just 155php at Watsons. I was really happy after I bought it. Do you remember the excitement and pleasurable satisfaction after purchasing the thing you've been wanting to buy and have? That was exactly how I felt!

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick has even Vitamin E that gives your lips natural moisture. It has a long-wearing formula and the only matte lipstick which makes your lips stay supple & smooth. That, I have tested and proven. Usually when I wear a lipstick, I can't stand long hours with it on my lips because it feels so heavy and uncomfortably sticky. So at the end of the day [sometimes it doesn't even last on my lips after 3 hours or worst, an hour], I remove it. But with this Ever Bilena lip product, I slightly feel that I have a lipstick applied because it feels so light on my lips and it does not make me so uncomfortable. And also, it doesn't worry me every now & then if there's still left of it on my lips because I believe it is made to be wore for long hours. & that again, I have tested & proven. What I don't want on a lipstick is its very short life span on my lips. What I mean is it has still not reaches 2 hours of stay but it already starts to break out and sometimes making my lips look chapped and hideous. It does not serve my purpose of buying one. That's why I buy lipstick or other lip products because I want to enhance and accentuate even better the contour of my lips. Well, it's not just about the lip outline though. It's all about lips. Everything about lips.

Meet Edgy

After I took the exams earlier, I decided to go downtown and look for tops and other fashionable pieces. I kinda felt like buying something like a cardigan or whatever. Since I have a little budget, I decided to hit the Bargain Stores. There is this big Ukay-Ukay Shop (Shop which sells secondhand stuffs like clothes, & etc.; It is also like a flea market of sorts which sells secondhand products of high quality and mostly branded. Famous brands like H&M and  Tommy Hilfiger can be found there and are sold more than one-half of the real price. Maybe 80%-90% off? Im not sure.) located at Lopues Araneta, Bacolod City that sells a huge variety of affordable clothing pieces. Lowest price is 50 php and it is quite expensive for an ukay-ukay price because its usual lowest price is 10 or even 5 php. Okay, while I'm searching for clothing pieces which still look good and of course, fabulous, I have found this rockstar-looking top which I am wearing below.

Imagine,I have bought this top for 50 pesos only. When I was still on that Bargain Store earlier, I also saw a black transparent top which has a very edgy collar. I really wanted to buy it since it only costs 50 pesos too. But I have to choose between this rockstar-inspired top and that one. And you know which one I chose. I really felt bad until now that I cannot buy it. But!!! I am planning to go back there again tomorrow and buy it for real. I will coax my mother to buy it for me (haha).
(By: Keisee and Keisee)
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